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Inspirational Engagements the intersection of science and spirituality

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Speaking topics include, but are not limited to:


Meditation is Medicine

Everyday situations are where our character gets tested. Learn how implementing your own daily meditation practice can improve our responses to stressful situations in our lives. Stories from the real-world combine with solid facts based in neuroscience and are laced together with palatable metaphors we can take home with us for the next time our character is tried. When we mix a little bit of intention with listening to our own inner wisdom, our lives can change for the better. 

Self-Care to Change Your Happiness Quotient

Words are powerful, both in our minds and in our mouths. Self-care is sometimes mislabeled and often implies we must spend money on things like spa days or travel. Caring for ourselves starts by coping with everyday stress. Learn how to combat triggers and automatic fight or flight. This talk will introduce a unique perspective on what it means to take care of ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves, and begin to heal ourselves, which allows us to continue to do our important work serving others in our lives. 

inclusive of all 


Healing from Trauma

Whether we are recovering from trauma with a capital T, or a lowercase t, the reality is that healing requires injury and requires humility.  Healing commands time to process before repair, but discomfort does not have to move into suffering. 


Every difficulty is an opportunity to move into wisdom, if we can allow ourselves to be molded by the flow of possibility, sometimes called uncertainty.  


Follow Sara’s journey from victim to victor to see where your journey may align. We all have the potential to heal, just by looking closely.

Sara customizes her talks and brings her expertise to your team for inspirational engagements starting at 8000, inclusive of all travel.


Everything is energy - science tells us this. Improve personal power with simple internal technologies.


Serving as a Spiritual Activist, Sara partners with select private clients to improve life force energy. Through a custom program, tailored to each individual client’s specific needs, Sara facilitates 13-weeks of consecutive weekly meetings to impart energy-boosting techniques.


The amalgamation of Breathwork and Meditation exercises backed by science are designed to allow the blooming of your authentic nature. Sessions occur weekly in 13-week increments, and include bespoke meditations to be continued throughout the week that follows each meeting.


Select clients who are ready to invest time and energy into growth, rid themselves of old habits, and step into true embodiment of healthy coping mechanisms will be accepted. The investment for private coaching is 4000 USD, to be paid monthly in 3 installments.


Currently, Sara only partners with a few clients at any one time. Space is limited.


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“I feel that many humans have been fractured by trauma, or an unpleasant event at some point. Sara helps others heal and learn a positive approach to managing self-perspective. The way she speaks and acts with integrity, honesty, and a genuine understanding for self-exploration and self-love is particularly captivating. She can inspire, encourage, and rejuvenate your spirit.”

 Kathryn Dotson

 Technology Distributor


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